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Dear valued client(s)

Warmest greetings from Kerinci Paradise and make thank you for having a trip with us! We would like to know about your experience even better! Please take a few minutes to fill out the following questionnaire. Your valuable response is greatly appreciated and will surely improve our service.

Pre-trip arrangement
Please rate the quality of the advisor’s assistance in your trip arrangement, based on the indicators below.
On The Trip
Please rate the quality of the trip and what is has to offer.
The accommodation
What do you think about the accommodational(s) during your trip? Were there any homestays/guesthouses that you particularly enjoyed? Were there any accommodations that didn’t meet your expectation?
The Guide
Please rate your guide so he/she could always improve
The Driver and fleet
Please rate driver and the fleet
The Meals During the trip
Please rate your meals dring the trip (on the mountain & at guesthouse/restaurant)
Trekking Meal(s)
In Guesthouse/Restauran Meal’s
Overall Service
What do you think about our overall service? Is there anything that we can do to improve your satisfaction with Kerinci Paradise service?
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