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This is our passion and expertise and has been for almost a decade. We have a team of experienced hikers who are certified as Mountain Guide. With our experience and expertise, we can help you to enjoy your trip safely and comfortably.

Our team provides clear and accurate information about your trip, provides tips and advice, and Your expert trip leader is with you for the entire trip.



10 Years Experiences

Experience and certified mountain guide are with you for the entire trip.

Lots of gears

We provide complete and best equipment and gear to support your climbing activities.

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We provide flexible trip packages suited to your needs and can choose premium, regular, private or custom trip packages according to your wishes and schedule.

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We prioritize transparency in every transaction with our customers. We will not add any fees other than those previously agreed upon.

About Mount Kerinci

Mount Kerinci is the tallest volcano in Southeast Asia, with an elevation of 3,805 meters above sea level.

Mount Kerinci located in two provinces, Jambi and West Sumatra under the authority of Kerinci Seblat National Park, and is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia.

Hiking Mount Kerinci is not an easy thing to do, but the experience and achievement of reaching the top of the mountain is incredible.

The summit of Mount Kerinci has spectacular views, including the view when the sun rises from the caldera of Lake Gunung Tujuh, the Indian Ocean and several volcanoes on the island of Sumatra, and the most amazing 600 meters crater in front of you, so it is no wonder that this mountain is a favorite of mountaineers around the world.

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Customer Review

  • I go to many mountain in Indonesia and abroad. The guide in Kerinci is same class with International guide like in Himalaya or Malaysia…. the guide is smart and full of skill and knowledge about Kerinci. So funny and helpfull porter make our trip happy.

    Lilie Wijayati
    Premium Trip : Mount Kerinci and Gunung Tujuh Lake
  • Hike & Fly from Mount Kerinci volcano – 3805m

    Hiking with an incredible team to the top of the highest volcano of Indonesia, seeing the sun rising behind the volcano smoke and flying from a volcano…what an unforgettable trip !

    Thanks @kerinci_paragliding & @kerinciparadise for organising this amazing journey !

    Morgane Petco
    Hike and Fly Mount Kerinci
  • Overall, I think Kerinci Paradise is quite representable and recommended. Jet is very handson in managing his team of great people. As well in difficult time, when one of our friend needed assistance, the team is very supportive and performed the work/evacuation very well.

    Mira Sidharda
    Premium Trip : Mount Kerinci and Gunung Tujuh Lake
  • This is private trip, just me. Jet and 2 porters are too much luxury for 1 person already ! The meal they fed me was too much of luxury even though i requested for simple meals, felt like i went for a 5-star restaurant. 3 very experienced people taking care of me, I was very thrilled. Great company too.

    Paul Khor
    Regular Trip : Mount Kerinci

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