Mount Kerinci Trip & Coffee Tour

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Coffee Kerinci

Coffee Kerinci  – Kerinci coffee has a fruity flavor, a sweet aftertaste, a spice aroma, and a thick body. Q graders assess the character of kerinci coffee as a combination of five varieties in Sumatra. Because of its taste, Arabica Kerinci coffee has been named the best Indonesian specialty coffee in 2017.

The name coffee kerinci may still sound foreign to connoisseurs who have just tried single origin. Indeed, this plantation located in Jambi is not as popular as Kintamani, Toraja, or Gayo as a specialty coffee producing area. Sumatra.

Coffee gardens in Kerinci Regency are located in three sub-districts, namely Kayu Aro, Kayu Aro Barat, and Gunung Tujuh. Coffee plantations in this area are located at an altitude of 900 to 1,200 masl. The types of plants cultivated here are arabica.

Kerinci coffee character is the sour taste like lemon, but leaves a sweet taste that lasts long in the mouth. The body is thick and the aroma produced is dominated by spices with a hint of chocolate.

Q graders describe the taste of coffee as a combination of characters from five varieties, namely debt debt, gayo, andung sari, sidikalang, and P88. The taste combination earned him a high score and deserved the title of specialty coffee.

That said, the unique taste is obtained from the planting of five varieties mentioned earlier in one field. Even though the initial reason for planting the five varieties was to facilitate pest control because of the mutual support of plant characters.

The method used for pulping Kerinci Arabica coffee beans is twofold, honey and dry process. The honey method is mostly done by farmers from Kayu Aro, while in other areas it uses dry process.

Seeds that are processed with honey tend to taste sweeter and softer. However, the process is longer and more rare in the market.

Kerinci arabica coffee is very delicious served as a single origin coffee. However, if you are bored with single origin, try a coffee blend for a different taste.

If you are looking for a blend with the best kerinci coffee, try Insulinde Blend from Sasame Coffee. Also visit the Wikipedia page for a variety of interesting info about the world of coffee.

Wonderful experience, for coffee lovers, in this tour you will learn collect coffee like a farmer then making of coffee, taste of coffee, learn how to differentiate good or bad coffee, the owner of this farm is a coffee expert and he will teach you all his knowledge

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