The Beauty Lake in Kerinci

Danau Kaco

Danau Kaco or Mirror Lake; this unique lake is located in the middle of the Kerinci Seblat National Park, Kerinci District with blue water color that contrasts with the green foliage of trees around it. This lake can be reached from River City to a nearby village, Lempur village, within 45 minutes with four wheel drive vehicles. Further along the forest walk for 2.5 – 3 hours trip while enjoying the chirping of birds and other endangered species.

When arriving at the lake, it is like heaven. It’s like in fairy tales, which is dramatic o blue with green trees and leaves surrounded. There is small waterfall near the lake, and it just so wonderful. Local said the the blue color comes from the high mineral contained by the water.

There are numbers of fishes swimming and yes, this lake looks like a mirror. You can see your own reflection on the surface. There are some trunks inside the lake, which actually deep inside the water but look very close from the surface. Somebody had ever tried to dive into the bottom, but it’s very deep. The trunk that looks only 1 meter from the surface actually lays 10 meters down there.

How to get there
From Jambi City, capital of Jambi Province, it will take approximately 8 to 10 hours drive to the town of Sungaipenuh in the Kerinci Regency. From Sungaipenuh, it is another 90 minutes drive to the entrance of Lake Kaco.

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There are a number travel services that serve the route of Jambi-Sungapienuh. If you want to try public transportation, there are minibuses from Sungaipenuh town to Lempur Village. However these minibuses only operate to 15.00 Western Indonesia Time.

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The road to such exceptional beauty also presents challenges since you have to walk for about 4 hours from Lempur Village across the Kerinci Seblat national Park to Lake Kaco. However your fatigue will be accompanied by amazing panoramic sceneries, butterflies, birds, and other beautiful creatures of the wild, as well as the sounds of nature. Once you reach the destination, all your tiredness will certainly be well earned.

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(6) Comments

  1. Ridwan Fauzi

    thank you for the information, it is a very beautiful lake, is the access road to get there easily?

    1. Kerinci Paradise

      Lake Monaco is a very beautiful and very unique lake that has blue water and is very clean …
      heading there is very easy on a flat road. sometimes it’s a bit muddy during the rainy season…

      thanks visit us…

  2. Ridwan Fauzi

    beautiful lake, is there always safe situation?

    1. Kerinci Paradise

      Yes, ofcourse but it must be a safety first every visit…

  3. Ridwan Fauzi

    something new, natural beauty that is very natural, does the surrounding community take part in preserving the place?

    1. Kerinci Paradise

      preserving the environment is the responsibility of everyone and the surrounding community..

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